Call for Demonstration (en)

This September marks the fifteenth anniversary of the murder of Enver Şimşek and the start of the NSU (‚National Socialist Undergrund‘) murder series. Public discourse has remained focused on the “mistakes” made by German authorities during their investigations, especially the secret services, while debates about racism in the German society remain absent. It was precisely this racism which was the basis of the 90’s militant Nazi scene, from which the NSU derived, and which allowed them to kill unhindered.

The average people of eastern and western Germany applauded the pogroms which took place after the annexation of the GDR. Their attitude explains, why nazis could see themselves as radical executioners of the public opinion in Germany. One can easily see how deep the racist resentment is rooted: The task forces investigating the cases were named ‚Bosporus‘ and ‚Halbmond‘ (crescent) without having any leads, thus blaming victims, while the local newspaper Nürnberger Zeitung coined the term ‚Döner Murders‘ which was adopted by the German media without hesitation.

We call to bring the debate about racism in the German society onto the streets of Nuremberg – the city where the NSU started its murder series and which stands like no other for an unbroken continuity of racism in Germany!

Against Germany and its nazis. But whoever is not willing to talk about racism should also keep quiet about the NSU.


SA / September 19th 2015 / 6 p.m.